On the Nature and Origin of Freesharing

On the Nature and Origin of Freesharing

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As a psychology student I spent a lot of time sleeping, eating, and analyzing (and subsequently running away from) my nearest and dearest. Come essay time, I spend sleep and analyse my friends very little; I haven't the time. I have never submitted an essay that somebody else wrote. I enjoy writing essays. I find the process overwhelming, frustrating, exciting and rewarding in terms. I leave them to the last minute to ensure that I have an out from my inherent neurotic perfectionism: I write them in the 24hours preceding the due date and in the rush have no time to wonder about whether I am smart enough, or whether the essay is up to scratch. In a 4am conversation to a friend last night, in response to his comment that the universe won't judge me based on my grades, I responded that even if it does judge me, it is omnipresent, and will be fucking impressed I managed to do as well as I did, given the circumstances I created for myself.

In any case, I am all for the free-sharing of ideas and music. I do not believe in intellectual property rights. I am not sure I even believe in property rights O_o Regardless, as I sit here poised to upload a work of intellectual creation which I have stayed up all night drinking endless cups of tea to create, I wonder at the ideology behind the action. For example, if I stand for truth within myself and among men, where does responsibility lie if someone else chooses to misrepresent my work as their own? Like a partner in an alcoholic relationship, am I enabling the people around me into intellectual apathy and scholarly slovenliness? For what purpose do I upload, for my essay to be hacked apart and mutilated, used and abused amongst the work of someone who has not given careful thought to the issues under scrutiny, let alone curious introspection about how they relate to a conceptual reality.

Myself, I plan to download an essay, and read it, to use as a beginning point for further intellectual exploration, like a...

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