On the Possibilities of Buying a Brand New Laptop

On the Possibilities of Buying a Brand New Laptop

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Others have successfully set up
their own internet business that
makes them residual cash. Have you?
Start today: http://bit.ly/setup4u

I hope your head is still spinning
with the possibilities of buying a
brand new laptop for N14,000? .

Well, if the LIVE proofs at the link
below cannot convince you, I wonder!


Now, if you're interested and you're
yet to get yours, I've got some BAD
news for you .

And the bad news: After 4pm today,
the 14k Amazing Laptop guide will
stop selling for N3,500 and will
henceforth sell for N5,500.

So, you still have the slim chance
of bitting this price hike if you
act on or before 4pm today.

Get the guide at N3,500.

Pay to:

Bank: First Bank
Account Name: Trillionet Resources
Account Number: 264 203 000 5142


Bank: GTBank
Account Name: Trillionet Resources
Account Number: 221 858 144 110

After payments, send an EMAIL payment
notice with the SUBJECT of your email
saying:'Paid for Amazing LP-Laptop Manual'

The BODY of the Email should contain
the following: Amount Paid+ Depositor's
Name + Your Full Names + Email + GSM
+Bank Name You Paid To + Code-PAID-LP
+ Date you paid+ Your Birthday for
surprise gift + Teller Number to me
at 14klaptops@onomemaureen.com

Act wise, and if you don't, never ask
me to beg Maureen on your behalf!

See ya!

CEO: Wealthlifters Concept Int'l

Dear Pat,                            I am in the country side. That's
why you've not heard from me  about my VPN.
And it is why I can only pay for the guide tomorrow, i.e. Friday.


The money was paid earlier.                 But I
can only do the lengthy mail from a PC/Laptop.
     I'll do it soon.

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