One's Diary

One's Diary

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Analyze the scene in chapter 11 where Baba fights with the Nguyens in their store. What does this scene show about Baba’s character?
In this particular scene, Amir has heard glass break and enters the “Fast and Easy” to find his father is enraged because the Nguyens have simply asked to see his I.D. Baba is very defense because he feels as if he is being accused of stealing by the Nguyens. This section of the chapter withholds more meaning than is on the surface. Baba is also really upset because in Afghanistan, he was known and respected by all, and now in America he is constantly trying to prove himself. In a way, this feeling is good and humbling for Baba. However, this feeling can also be scaring and unhealthy for people. For example, Amir felt as if he had to prove himself constantly during his childhood. This did not prove to be helpful in his life. At the end of the scene, Amir apologizes for his father’s behavior and adds “My father is still adjusting to life in America.” Amir says it meaning Baba has not become accustomed to America’s traditions and ways of society. However, Baba is having trouble accepting his position in society.

Why does Baba come to America?
At the beginning of chapter eleven, Amir says,” Baba loved the idea of America. It was living there that gave him an ulcer.” Baba really enjoyed the idea that Amir, and he would have the chance to start a new life. Baba feels that this way, they will not have to live in fear everyday. Kabul was being invaded. Also I feel that it is difficult for them to be at home, and know that

Why does Amir have an easier time adapting to American culture than Baba does?
I feel that Amir has a much easier time adjusting to the American way of life than his father simply because he has grown up being more accepting of others. Baba has always felt that he is in power, and up until now, everyone has respected him. As an adolescent, Amir is also less set in his ways, and more vulnerable. This works to his...

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