One Child Plocy

One Child Plocy

Child Labor

Child labor is a pervasive problem throughout the global economy, especially in the markets of developing countries. Child labor is generally speaking, works for children that harm or exploits them in some way. The two ways of looking at child labor are as follows. Firstly, what are causes to child labor? And secondly, what are the solutions to child labor? Although these are the two ways of looking at the issue, there are other various methods that this issue can be looked at.

Firstly, who are child laborers and how many are there? It is estimated that 246 million child workers, aged 5 and 17 were involved in work that by its nature is hazardous to their safety, physical or mental health and moral development. Work ranges from taking care of animals and plating and harvesting food, to many kinds of small manufacturing, auto repair, and making footwear and textiles. Furthermore, many children in hazardous jobs are in danger of injury, even death.

Another important issue that is associated with child labor is the causes of child labor. There are many causes of child labor and they each very differently. Some examples of child labor are as follows; over population, illiteracy, poverty, orphans, and willingness to exploit children. Over population countries are countries like Asia, African countries with limited resources and more mouths to feed. Meanwhile, illiteracy is illiterate parent who do not realize the need of a proper physical, emotional and development of a child. Thirdly, in the issue of poverty, many a time poverty forces parents to send their children to hazardous jobs. Besides that, children born out of wedlock, children with no
Parents and relatives often do not find anyone to support them. Thus they are forced to work for their own living. Lastly, the root of the problem is the willingness to exploit children. Even if a family is very poor, the incidence of child labor will be very low unless there are people willing to...

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