One Man's Heaven Is Another Man's Hell

One Man's Heaven Is Another Man's Hell

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“Community, identity, stability” Brave New World, chapter 1 page 1 is something that society in 2010 thrives on. We are free, independent and therefore a stron and able community as a whole; or are we?. These words were spoken by the director to which he is referring negatively on society as a whole. During the course of my independent study novel, “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, it was made very clear that perfection in society will always be unattainable because one man’s heaven is another man’s hell. This thesis was generally proven through showing that their society’s generic and shallow feelings towards one another are not real, and therefore their life is an un-fulfilling one. The lack of feelings are masked by the generic sex, the distortion of society and the fact that everything that is considered right or morally correct in our society today, is wrong and overall, unacceptable. .

A dictator can create a surface level perfection, such as the director in the novel, in which taking away all aspects of feeling in order to create a “perfect” but general society is acceptable. The director created his society to turn away from all other signs of individuality. An example of this is when the director talks about how they take away certain aspects of individuality:

“Now turn them so that they can see the flowers and books."

Turned, the babies at once fell silent, then began to crawl towards those clusters of sleek colours, those shapes so gay and brilliant on the white pages. As they approached, the sun came out of a momentary eclipse behind a cloud. The roses flamed up as though with a sudden passion from within; a new and profound significance seemed to suffuse the shining pages of the books. From the ranks of the crawling babies came little squeals of excitement, gurgles and twitterings of pleasure.

The Director rubbed his hands. "Excellent!" he said. "It might almost have been done on purpose."

The swiftest crawlers were already at their...

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