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ENG 102-22
05 MARCH 2013
-In “The Story Of An Hour,” independence is a forbidden pleasure that can be imagined only privately. In the story Louise is had saying “free, free…” when she hears about her husband death.
-Marriages even the kindest ones, are inherently oppressive. Louise, who readily admits that her husband was kind and loving, nonetheless feels joy when she believes that her husband is died.

“A & P”
-In the story the theme of power of desire is shown from the moment the girls walk into the “ A& P,” attract men in the store. This demonstrates the power their sexuality give them over the opposite sex.

“A Rose For Emily”
- In “ A Rose For Emily,” the story reminds us that mysteries are part of life. Everybody has secrets and everybody occasionally acts in a way that not even he or she can explain.
- There is also the theme of death in the story.

- The prison of routine : In “Araby” a young boy wants to go to the bazaar to buy a gift for the girl he loves, but he is late because his uncle becomes mired in the routine of his workday.

“ The Storm”
- Forbidden love: The story allow Chopin to express her opinion of sexuality and marriage. Calixta and Alcee are forced together by the storm in Calixta’s house, they engage in sex.

“The Clean Well-Lighted Place”
- The theme of life as meaningless is seen in the story. The story suggests that life has no meaning and that man is an insignificant spot in a great sew of nothingness. The older waiter makes this idea as clear as he can when he says , “it was all a nothing and man was a nothing too.”

“Young Goodman Brown.”
- The weakness of public morality . In the story, Hawthorne reaveals...

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