One of the Most Important Scientific Discoveries

One of the Most Important Scientific Discoveries

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Electricity is one of the most important scientific discoveries because it has effected the lives of people in this way.

Before electricity most tasks had to be done the long way like washing with a wash board, sewing by hand, cooking on fuel stoves, ironing by heating an iron on a stove, using a hand saw to cut wood, and getting on your hand and knees to scrub the floor.
It meant we could flick a switch for lighting instead of using candles and lamps.
It has enabled us to keep foods better because of the refrigerator and freezer.
Many tasks in the kitchen have been made less time consuming because of electric gadgets such as the blender, toaster, electric jug, microwave, coffee maker, jaffle maker, electric knife, whiz, mix master, bread maker and milkshake maker.
Other electric appliances that make our lives easier are the vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, electric fan, washing machine, clothes dryer and electric saw.
Keeping houses warm became simpler with electric heaters instead of having to chop wood for open fireplaces.
Without electricity we would not have the technology to have television, videos, stereo equipment, play stations, Nintendo, computers, fax machines, printers and photocopiers.
It has made the lives of people especially women much easier and more convenient.
It has enabled us to complete tasks in a much shorter time giving us more free time.

Almost everything we use now is powered by electricity. Imagine a normal day in your life. You get up because your alarm starts playing your favourite music. You go to the bathroom, turn on the light, and take a shower. You see your big brother shaving while you dry your hair with a hair dryer. In the kitchen, you open the refrigerator. You grab some raisin bread, and put it in the toaster. You want some orange juice, so you plug in the juicer. Your mum had boiled the jug to make a cup of tea but it got cold, so she warms it for a minute in the...

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