One Woman Is Making Calculus a Lot Harder

One Woman Is Making Calculus a Lot Harder

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One Woman is Making Calculus a Lot Harder

Calculus is already difficult enough when I'm able to give it my full attention, but I have an enormous additional distraction making it nearly impossible to concentrate. The woman who shares my table with me radiates an aura of magnetism that I can not make myself ignore. While I attempt to look at the chalk board, she is still in my field of view, slowly working her way from my peripheral vision to a position front and center as I realize that I am staring again. While the professor is droning on and on about limits and derivatives and other nonsense that I will never use outside of college, all I can think about is how much I want to touch her face.

The first thing I noticed was those mesmerizing, crystal blue eyes. Her eyes look as if they were made of shattered sapphire, with sparkling streaks of energy surging through them. I completely lose myself whenever I catch a glimpse of those captivating, sky-colored marvels. What is worse is that on all-too-rare occasions she will wear a pair of glasses, simultaneously highlighting the lines of her cheeks while framing her eyes as if to set them apart and calling even more attention to them. When she looks at me with those eyes, all thoughts of areas under curves of graphs suddenly vanish, replaced with admiration for those wondrous gems.

The next thing to catch my attention was that elegant mound of dark, sandy blonde hair regally crowning her head. I've only seen it hanging freely once, but that stunning image will remain with me for the rest of my life. While she normally wears it pulled back and up, revealing every line and curve of her beautiful face and neck, my mind's eye can still picture it dangling majestically around her shoulders, ebbing and flowing as she lifts her chin or turns her head. The usefulness of the slope of a tangent line pales in comparison to the thought of running my fingers through her hair and feeling it...

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