Online College Survival Guide

Online College Survival Guide

Using Axia’s Educational Resources

Treat Axia’s library as your own. Visit regularly. Keep on track by always using these resources before googling others online. Be sure to review Axia’s resources listed for each assignment when you have a quiet time.
As referred to in the next subject, always utilize Plagurism Check and Write Point before submitting an assignment.
Student labs, where available, are helpful. Also utlize the extensive catalog of tutorials. Even though they take a little extra time, they are available in every subject and are really useful. Check these out before asking the instructor for help!

Upholding Academic Honesty

Academic honesty encompasses both plagurism and collusion. Plagurism Check and Write Point should be your best friends. Use them for everything!
Not citing sources is the most commonly unintentional cause of plagurism. Never use information from a source without citing the work, ever.
Because of the inaccuracies repeated on the internet, try to treat most online articles as secondary sources and use them as a jumping point to something more reliable, such as an original source, a well respected online encyclopedia, or an article or other document within the Axia library. This will ensure as much accuracy as possible and help avoid plagurism.
Collusion is another form of plagurism. It is okay to bounce your ideas off another person or student or even work with them. It is not okay to have someone else actually do your work!
Only by doing your own work can you truly feel that you’ve achieved an education worth holding your head high for.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Goals should be divided into short and long term. It is okay to be ambitious but do not shoot for the unattainable. Instead, be realistic and set goals that are both helpful and able to be met. Make sure that your goals are pertinent to your studies. You can only achieve goals through effective time management so review assignments, set...

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