Online Human Development Schools

Online Human Development Schools

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Online Human Development Schools, colleges, and universities focus on aspects of physical, mental, and behavioral health and well-being through the natural life course of human development. Degree offerings include Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), and doctorate (PhD) in human development. Students will choose specializations, as this is a broad field of study.

Undergraduate students need to have well-developed math, analytical, and writing skills. Master and PhD students must also have math, analytical and writing skills, along with substantive backgrounds in sciences, public health, and goals that include public health objectives.

Specialized programs in Online Human Development Schools and universities may include studies of children and adolescents (physical growth, nutrition, and psychological development), health issues (risks for addiction, cardiovascular disease, AIDS, or cancer; issues of women's health; and issues of community mental health); leadership roles in health programs; principles of psychological and sociological development; and much more.

Some master degree programs in Online Human Development Schools are intended for nurses and other public health professionals who are choosing to elevate their careers in public health directions. Graduates of online Human Development programs will qualify students for professional positions in community, public, and private healthcare programs in program design, development, evaluation, and management. Other options include areas of health promotion and disease prevention, and development of public policy and advocacy.

Doctorate (PhD) programs in Human Development require a strong background in public health, social, behavioral, clinical, or natural sciences; a master degree in at least one of the many social sciences; and some clinical experience in some field of public health or natural science. Students will develop skills...

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