Online Social Networking

Online Social Networking

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Hayek 4

Prior to the world of a sophisticated and advanced technology, staying in touch and keeping in contact with the surrounding was difficult.  The society used to contact one another through regular mail and infrequent phone calls; however these methods of communication were costly and useless. Nowadays, online communities allow people to stay connected with the rest of the world easily, just by searching or browsing for a friend’s profile an instant message can be sent, comments can be left, or even express your thoughts to others. Not to mention that people also communicate by videoconference, voice, blogs etc… Nevertheless, despite the fact that Online Social Networks enhanced our social life and brought us to a new level of socialization, it remains a harmful device to the society as a whole.

The main reason behind choosing this topic is because of a huge increase in the use of online social networking as the major figure of socialization amongst my acquaintances. I see them being dragged into this virtual world for hours, and this should be a major concern to the society because it appears to me as if real social life is diminishing versus the virtual online society..
Therefore, we can deduce that online social websites lead to isolation and depression, as Emile Durkheim said: “ cannot live without attachment to some object which transcends and survives him...he is too little...we have no other object than ourselves we cannot avoid the thought that our efforts will finally end in nothingness, since we ourselves disappear” (Durkheim 210).  This assumption states that too little incorporation and integration within

Hayek 5
society leads to suicide. Despite the fact that online websites allow people to stay in touch with their surrounding as well as expanding their social network, the more time spent socializing online is time taken away from socializing in the real world because social integration provides aims, goals and...

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