Only Academic Knowledge on Schools

Only Academic Knowledge on Schools

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Some people think schools should only teach students academic knowledge. Others think they should also teach students to judge what is right and wrong. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In the present age, the issue of weather schools should only teach students academic knowledge has sparked much debate. Some people assert that the only thing schools should teach is academic knowledge, while many others argue that the ability of judging right and wrong should also be trained at school. As for me, the majority of educational resource should spend on teaching academic knowledge as discussed below.

Firstly, the foundational function of schooling is to enable students to acquire academic knowledge. It cannot be denied that the great progress our society has made is due to the usage of academic knowledge. For example, owing to the development of Medicine, people are expected to have longer life expectancy. Therefore, obtaining academic knowledge will definitely benefit our society. Obviously, schools are the very places where can spread the academic knowledge efficiently. And they are also the only department which students can gain academic knowledge from.

Moreover, students with academic knowledge are more likely to be successful in their future career. In today’s tough time, finding a job is not easy. Students with strong academic background, however, are still highly-demanded. Not surprisingly, the tricky tasks in a job can solely be accomplished by the graduates who are the experts in their field. As a consequence, students with a vast of academic knowledge will always remain the priority in this competitive job market or even in the promotion when they got the job.

Admittedly, the common sense of judging right and wrong is playing a crucial role in our daily life, therefore, it should also be taught at school. For instance, honesty is the foundation of communicating with others. A student will never be popular if he or she always telling...

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