"Only Connect" - What Does the Quote Say About the Power of Literature to Connect the Reader to Their World?

"Only Connect" - What Does the Quote Say About the Power of Literature to Connect the Reader to Their World?

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Only connect. A simple statement that can be taken several different ways; a quote without generalized meaning; two words that formulate an idea determining a set of values, beliefs or morals; a way of life.
Only connect is a term that interlinks one thing to everything else.
In the case of literature, its power to connect the reader to their world is phenomenal. It is said that everything is metonymical, everything is political, so therefore, does not everything connect?

All literature has context, that is a purpose to uphold or some point of meaning to demonstrate. Simply reading into the subtext of literature allows us to explore different ideas within this meaning and from this, arises a reflection of personal experience bringing about issues of moral conflict based on the events of the world around us. It is second nature for readers to want to relate the text to their own lives. Having this connection means that the reader is expanding upon their knowledge, awareness and understanding of the world. The more exposure they have to various types of literature, the more knowledge they gain. This is because the two are so closely linked.
To become what we are we have to connect, to connect meaningfully we must learn and to learn we must read. It is a cyclic power that literature has over the reader and their world.

A quote by Norman Cousins is simple in exposing just how powerful a book can be - “A book is like a piece of rope; it takes on meaning only in connection with the things it holds together”.
Both Apocalypse Now and the closely linked Heart of Darkness pursue the psychological power of the quest. Their relevance in representing the corrupted nature of society encompasses a connection to tragedy, which in turn, generates a great amount of impact on the reader/viewer. “The horror, the horror!” is a quote whose meaning beautifully sums up the power of the texts in connecting the reader and the world.
The quest in itself is also relevant to...

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