Opening Case Study

Opening Case Study

Group Work Assignment Week 2
Tiffany Hobbs, Jamie Thompson Howell, Raymond Billings and Tracy Masters
Page 90 Questions 1-3
1. List the reasons a business would want to display information in a graphic or visual format.

More easily understood
Survey results are too hard to understand in text format
Statistical data that is not interesting to readers
Comparison research where the impact can be far more dramatic when presented visually
Messages for multilingual audiences
To make it more interesting

2. Categorize the five common characteristics of high-quality information and rank them in order importance.

1) Accurate
2) Complete
3) Consistent
4) Timely
5) Unique

3. Explain how is preventing any issues associated with low quality information. can prevent issues associated with low quality information by establishing special policies and procedures establishing rules for how the information is organized, updated, maintained and accessed. should create an information policy concerning data governance. This refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of company data.

Page 101 Questions 1-3
1. Explain why database technology is important to a business.
Any company that plans to operate successfully in today and tomorrow’s technologically competitive market must embrace technology. At the core of any information system is some sort of database or database management system that must corral the massive amount of business information gained daily from numerous sources. This information is vital to performing informed and quality analysis that allows a business to better understand its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities versus shooting from the hip with a best-guess decision process based off personal observation. The database technology also adds an element of speed to the analysis that can direct educated strategies with near real-time...

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