Operational Efficiency - to Publish Later

Operational Efficiency - to Publish Later

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Current Business Strategy

Currently the revenue of the Dabbawallahs organization is fully dependent on the Tiffin box service and the Target customer segment is those families where the spouse is at home and the other one is working with in Mumbai.
The current challenge faced by Dabbawallahs is the fact that Customer base is shrinking. There are new competitors and also as both husband and wife of current generation are working the possibility of expansion is very less. So the following SWOT analysis is done to evaluate the go forward business model and also to expand the service portfolio

SWOT Analysis


• Huge workforce with in a metropolitan city who network with hundreds of people on everyday
• Dedicated hardworking staff with very less attrition
• Famous for six sigma compliance on supply chain delivery model
• Customer trust due to the reliable service offered everyday


• Most of the workforce are not so literate
• No centralized data , Use of technology as of now
• Lack of technical skills on advanced technology and lack of communications skills on English


• The financial results over last few years does not show any positive trend
• Other competitors could snatch away the customers as the business model could be copied very easily
• In the current generation, both husband and wife are working, Hence to maintain the current customer count will be very difficult


• As a typical Dabbawallah reach to almost every corner of Mumbai, they could be used as a channel for marketing
• Could sell light weight, high margin products which are used periodically by householders. E.g.: Prepaid cards of mobile
• As they reach the householders directly everyday, Could be used as a medium for marketing products and services of other companies. E.g. Courier Service with in Mumbai or Delivery service for other Hotels
• Have comparatively...

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