Operational Project

Operational Project

The aim is to test your ability to apply the concepts and methods of change management to the proposals you made in either your management report or your operational project. The aim of the exercise is to identify the likely problems implementation of your change proposals will meet, You should refer to the literature to develop a change management strategy to help overcome these problems and try to ensure a successful transition in your selected company.

“To learn is to seek answers. Stop seeking answers today and you will be uneducated tomorrow.” (Ray Van Ness)

The idea from my operational project is to learn the new effective techniques of producing different kind of content; which is based on issues that worry youth and somehow affect their morality and confidence. It is targeted to aware, guide, educate the youth of the country so that they can be strong to act and react positively towards different issues arising in the country. Here we will try to change the attitudes of our young generation towards current situation in the country and will help build their strong characters by successfully dealing with the hindrances that are likely to arise on the way of implementing our strategy.


In order to change anything; first we ourselves have to go through the process of change.

Oxford English dictionary defines “Change” as an instance of becoming different and making or becoming different; which means if something is moved from a place to another it has gone through change (the process of moving from one to another). Further; if we look at our surroundings; it will be seen significantly that “change is the only constant” and its process of nature.

And as Kurt Lewin says; “if you want to truly understand something, try to change it.”

We will develop a strategy to change the way of content production; unlike the market we will try to experiment with cast, crew, stories, technical facilities and post production so we can...

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