Operations Management Focuses

Operations Management Focuses

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Morrisons '' Part 2


This report will be based on the assumption that Morrisons’ takeover of Safeway will go ahead. It is almost 100% certain to happen because it is the only bidder left that has been approved by the Office of Fair Trading to bid for Safeway. The only other approved bidder, Philip Green, recently withdrew his offer for Safeway. Morrisons is very keen to buy Safeway to become a national supermarket chain. (The Guardian, Saturday 27 September 2003)

Executive Summary

Here, we will create a marketing (and e-marketing) plan for Morrisons PLC. Morrisons has been chosen out of the 4 companies proposed for the following reasons:

1. It is the only one of the four companies analyzed that has deliberately shunned electronic commerce. Its website, http://www.morrisons.plc.uk is a simple and uninteresting brochure ware. In its retail philosophy, Morrisons said: “We are renowned for our “no nonsense” approach to retailing, shunning hype and gimmicks in favour of plain selling…”

2. Morrison’s strategy of not having its branches in London and its recent bid for Safeway was of great interest to the group. It has recently had a lot of publicity in the media about its proposed takeover of Safeway, a supermarket chain that has twice as many stores as Morrisons, a market share, a market share almost three times as big as Morrisons and has supermarkets all over the UK whereas Morrisons’ supermarkets are mainly based in North-West England.

3. All members of the group understand and can access information on the market it operates in and its competitors since the company is based in the UK. The other companies that members of the group wrote about '' Brain International, Intercontinental Bank and eLong.com '' are not well known in the UK and it would be harder to find information about them other than on the internet.

4. All group members found the supermarket chain business easy to understand and analyze.

Aims of the...

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