operations mgt

operations mgt

Kyle Iverson
BUAD 311 Operations Management

Emergency Department Congestion Case
1) What operational problems is the Saintemarie Emergency Department facing? What is your assessment of the current performance and what do you think is driving these problems?

There are various types of problems that lie within the operational scope of Saintemarie Emergency Department.  Of these issues are the high failure rate, long lines, employees leaving, people having more serious problems, the loss in revenue, and the staff demanded to work overtime.
Many of these problems can be fixed by different options. Optimize the discharge process, pool staff between paths, measure vital signs outside the room, and optimize CT scan.

2) Through a back-of-the-envelope calculation, evaluate the average time that patients wait before entering the care process. To do so, view the patient management activities and discharge as a single activity. How does the result of your calculation compare to the 1 hour and 10 minutes mentioned in the case?

P= 230min a= 8.78min full day Number of nurses: 150

Finding Capacity: Doctors = 165 patients p/day PM= 3hr 10 min  Discharge = 40 min

Total= (165*230min) / ((25*6*24*60)-45) = 4

Rooms= 165*230/(25*24*60)+ 15*(24-9)*60 = 77%

Tq = (Service time/m)*(utilization {√2(m+1)-1}/ 1-utilization)* [(CVa2 + CVp2)/2]

Tq = 230/31 * [(.85(√64) – 1) / (1-.85)] * (1+.782)/2
Tq = 12.75min

Tq = 230/34 * .77√ - 1 / (1-.77) * 1+.782/2
Tq  = 3.45min

Time available: 25*24*60 + 150(24-9) 60/24*60
Time available: 34 minutes

Very low compared to give wait time calculation at one hour and ten minutes become silent time and buy the periods throughout the day. The 8pm shift is only .17 minutes while the 9am to 8pm minutes is 196 minutes. It is much shorter than the weight time given, the variance in the system is why the wait time is so long, not the capacity. With more variance there...

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