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Early life
Born at Pickering Beach, Ajax, Ontario, he was raised by his paternal grandparents A. J. Corbet II and Alice Charlotte Corbet (née Gould), descendants of a prominent family from Guernsey and a theatrical family from London, England. At a very young age, he developed a strong interest in the fine arts while working with his grandfather on commercial signs. Due to increasingly ill health, chromic asthma, by the age of 14 he was not able to participate in regular sports like most children his age, so his grandparents along with his great uncle John Gould and great aunt Olive Gould strongly encouraged him to paint and sculpt. Being raised predominantly on the shores of Lake Ontario he always held a close fascination with water, water formations and its power which to this very day has become a main theme for his paintings.

[edit] Recent works and noted subjects
Currently, Corbet continues to develop his iceberg themes as well as work on portrait medallions. As of early 2006 a principle canvas was created for the international charity World Vision and was publicly unveiled on 26 March 2008. He is also known as a mentor to many aspiring artists around the world, freely giving advice and more importantly encouraging their dreams and aspirations in all endeavours of life.

Corbet's recent works include a relief sculpture for the Cumberland County Museum and Archives of R. B. Dickey among many others.

Some of Corbet's more noted subjects include Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Jane Goodall, F. H. Varley, Dorothy Livesay, Jane Addams, Jean Coulthard, George Stanley, Margaret Atwood, Gutzon Borglum, Louis Riel, C. H. Chadderton, Samuel Torrey Orton, Sir Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook to name but a few.

An interesting note is that since his grandmother's death in 2004, Corbet has sculpted or painted her name, "Alice", in almost all his works

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