Ophcrack LiveCD 3.5.0

The ophcrack LiveCD is a bootable Linux CD-ROM containing ophcrack 3.5.0
and a set of tables (XP free small or vista proba free depending on the version
you downloaded). It allows for testing the strength of passwords on a
Windows machine without having to install anything on it. Just put it into
the CD-ROM drive, reboot and it will try to find a Windows partition,
extract its SAM and start auditing.

Getting it
You can download the ISO image from SourceForge mirrors.

The tables are located in directory tables. Please feel free
to install ophcrack and copy the tables on your harddisk if you want to
use ophcrack outside of the LiveCD.

Release Notes
Version 3.5.0 is a stable public release. This LiveCD is based upon
Slitaz 4.0 LiveCD version (http//www.slitaz.org). This version of
Slitaz is modified for Ophrack, so you can expect some minor issues
when playing with it. If youre interested in Slitaz, download the latest
stable version on their website.

The LiveCD has been customized to include ophcrack 3.5.0 and free tables
set for either Windows XP or Windows Vista/7. Ophcrack will auto-detect
the amout of free memory and adapts its behaviour to be able to preload
all the tables it can.

A shell script launched at the beginning of the X session does the job
of finding the Windows partition and starting appropriate programs to
extract and crack password hashes. It will look for all partitions that
contains hashes. If more than one are found, you will have to choose between

The shell script will try to find all the tables located on the partitions
it will detect. If you want that it detects your tables automatically, put
them in a directory called tables at the root of your drive/partition
(e.g. tablesvista_special or tablesvista_num). Ophcrack should then
automatically find and use them.

If your partition is not...