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Opinionmeter International is a leading provider of technology-based customer satisfaction market research tools. With a range of interactive survey devices we enable our clients to capture real-time ‘voice of the customer’ satisfaction feedback at the point-of-experience (the moment the customer experiences the product or service). All survey devices are web-enabled and remotely managed through the web-based SurveyManager application. Being web-based, the SurveyManager has the ability to automate the delivery of customized ‘voice of the customer’ reports and provide real-time customer satisfaction feedback alerts. Opinionmeter’s technology makes the collection of customer satisfaction market research easier, quicker and more cost effective.

All customer satisfaction surveys can be customized, survey questions changed or edited on the fly, and professional reports generated and delivered in a variety of formats. All customer satisfaction market research reports can be fully customized and either generated on-demand or scheduled for automatic delivery by email. The SurveyManager's reporting tool provides the ability to segment ‘voice of the customer’ data based on locations and sub-accounts, as well as generate rollup reports to compare customer satisfaction feedback activity across the entire enterprise.

Touchscreen Surveys
Opinionmeter offers a full range of touchscreen survey devices providing real-time point of experience customer feedback.
Handheld Surveys

The handheld Opinionmeter, with its touch screen interface and mobility, is the perfect compliment to the Opinionmeter XL mini-kiosk.
Opinionmeter XL

The battery-powered wireless mini-kiosk can be placed wherever your customers experience your products or services
Online Surveys

In addition to on-site surveying, Opinionmeter can also manage your online survey campaigns.