OPS 571 week 1 study guide

OPS 571 week 1 study guide

Week One Study Guide: Introduction to Process Design

Readings and Key Terms

Ch. 3 of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Core competency
House of quality
Value analysis/value engineering (VA/VE)
Quality function deployment (QFD)

Ch. 6

Lead time
Customer order de-coupling point
Lean manufacturing
Manufacturing cell
Assembly line
Continuous process
Product-process matrix
Breakeven analysis

Ch. 7

Service Triangle
Service package
High and low degree of customer contact
Service blueprint
Service guarantee
Pure virtual customer contact
Mixed virtual and actual customer contact

Content Overview

The product design process

Core competency

Provides potential access to a wide variety of markets.
It increases perceived customer benefits.
It is hard for competitors to imitate.

Product development process

Phase 0: Planning
Phase 1: Concept development
Phase 2: System level design
Phase 3: Design detail
Phase 4: Testing and refinement
Phase 5: Production ramp-up

Economic analysis of product development projects

Building a base-case financial model
Understanding trade-offs

Designing for the customer

Quality function deployment (QFD)
Value analysis/value engineering

Designing service products

Service experience fit
Operational fit
Financial fit

Production processes


Shortest customer lead time
Inventory may be used to buffer demand uncertainty.


Have subassemblies in stock but postpone final assembly until order is received.
Relatively short leadtimes due to postponement strategy


Do not start assembly until receive order; may have components or piecepart in stock.
Inventory held at component or piece part level.


Longest lead-times
No inventory is able to be stored as engineering design may...

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