Ops Week 5

Ops Week 5

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• What are TQM and ISO?

ISO is basically a management system that has been created to monitor the functions and data of a specific organization, and that works on a monitoring basis to help understand the proper balance required.
TQM is also a management system, simply know as Total Quality Management; however, this system works on the basis that the employee participates in the program on regular basis, and ensures that the tools and technologies are properly managed within the departments.

• How might TQM and ISO be used to improve an organization?
While focusing on the customer is critical to success, it isn’t the only factor. A business can go broke sparing no expense to make customers happy. So not only does a business need to satisfy customers, but it needs to do it in a way that is. A business also has to look within and understand its own operations, another important role of a quality management system.
Total Quality Management places a focus on internal processes, including
• How processes align to produce desired outcomes to satisfy customers
• How consistently processes deliver desired outcomes (effectiveness)
• The productivity of a process compared the resources used (efficiency)
Being able to consistently produce desired outcomes without wasting resources like time, material, and money is critical for a business to make it over the long haul.

A Customer Focus :As stated before, the customer is the primary focus of a business.
2. Good Leadership: A team of good leaders will establish unity and direction quickly in a business environment.
3. Involvement of people: The inclusion of everyone on a business team is critical to its success.
4. Process approach to quality management: The best results are achieved when activities and resources are managed together.
5. Management system approach: Combining management groups may seem like a dangerous clash of titans,
6. Continual Improvement: The importance of this principle...

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