Ops571 Week1

Ops571 Week1

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Design a Flowchart
June 14, 2011

Design a Flowchart for a Process
Daily processes are part of a regular routine and many of them may burn up a vast amount of time. In this paper, a detailed process is identified and a flowchart has been designed to show a variety of factors that influence the design process as well as the specific metric that identifies the measurement process. By designing a flowchart for this process, the desired result is to identify how the amount of time involved can be minimized while also making the overall process more efficient.

Factors Affecting Process Design

To assist me in my journey for a more efficient daily routine I have chosen to use a flowchart to document my daily routine process. To form a flowchart on most consider several questions such as; “What is or must be done, What would happen if it were not done, Where is the task done, When is the task done, and is it critical that it be done then or is there flexibility in time and sequence” (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006).  
Factors influencing the process design; is largely the decision’s that must be made during the routine and the time-frame in which they must be made. The major decisions to be made during my morning routine, is do I get up when my alarm clock goes off or do I hit the snooze button. After I get out of bed do I exercise or go straight to the shower, after I shower and get dressed do I have my clothes picked out or do I need to decide what to where? Do I make lunch or plan to buy lunch? Is there traffic today or is it going smoothly? All the decisions affect the timeline of the morning process routine so do the time in which I have to complete the tasks, for example during the week when I have to get to work at a specific time I have to consider this during my decision making process. Each of these factors can greatly affect the process design because of the potential impact on the overall amount of time...

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