Oracion a Los Santos

Oracion a Los Santos

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I completed a Jungian Personality self assessment, which analyzed my personality type. Using this self assessment I will explain why I chose to pursue an MBA degree. The reason was to further my career opportunities within my current employment and /or future employers, which I will explain in more details further on.

Jungian Personality Self Assessment
I completed the Jungian Personality Self Assessment, I-A-2 “What’s My Jungian 16 – Type Personality?” My score was INTP. An INTP means that I am socially cautious, enjoy problem solving, and highly conceptual. The assessment mentions that my possible career could be plastic surgeon, software designer, psycho analyst, private investigator, financial analyst, mathematician and photographer.
Analyzing this assessment, I believe that the results couldn’t be closer to the truth. Before this assessment, I knew I liked math, analyzing problems, and computers. This assessment reinforced my idea of pursuing one of those careers. It is important to take into considerations these assessments, so they can help you find a career that matches your skills and interests.
I am very socially cautious and very conceptual. People pursue me to be analytical and they consult with me topics related to computers, software and hardware. I totally agree with the personality type.

Career Opportunities Research
Before deciding on my MBA concentration, I did research on career opportunities that I might have. I evaluated my options and my preferences.
I found that an average accountant can earn approximately $30 an hour. They can earn from $50,000 to $70,000 a year. This proves that if I complete an MBA in this field, I will earn at least 3 times more than I receive in my current employment.
I not only have more options in Puerto Rico, I would have more job opportunities in the United States. Reviewing Accounting position statistics from the United States, New York has one of the highest concentrations of...

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