Oral History

Oral History

Sy Nguyen
Sociology 3D3

Extra Credit Assignment #1: Option #6

1. “Explain oral history in your own words.”- Oral History in my opinion is a great opportunity for the new era to experience the past life experiences of people who have recorded their memories on either audio or video. It is a little more modern and high-tech because it enables us to actually hear and view the interactions of the people who are telling us the story.

2. “How can oral history be used?” - Oral History can be used to show us the past histories of our families and cultures in ways that we have never been able to experience before. It is used in schools, museums, and galleries to encourage the young to explore the past histories on their heritage.

3. “If you were assigned to do oral history interviewing, what would be the focus or theme of your project? Why?” - For a theme, I would pick a topic that is very light hearted and fun. I would ask people about the cartoon shows that they liked the most when they were young, and see how each age group’s answers differ. I believe that by picking such a fun theme that people would really enjoy thinking back and reminiscing about it, therefore allowing them to really get into it.

4. “What type of persons would you interview?” - I would try to interview people of very different age groups. For example, I would pick people from their 20’s to 30’s, and then people from their 30’s to 40’s, and etc. I want to do this because I want to see how different each of their answers is.

5. “How would you go about finding people to interview?” - I could find friends and family members, neighbors, or school and work colleagues.

6. “What type of recording equipment would you prefer to use?” - I would prefer using a video recorder because I believe catching people on film will allow the viewer to learn more than if it were just a piece of audio sound.

Sample Questions
1. What year was it when you were 10...

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