Oral on Rahim Khan

Oral on Rahim Khan

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rahim khan is the fuigure in the novel who understands amir. he is the one who relises how amir cannot face his fears, and how he is not the same brave man baba is, but he is not judgemental, of amir, but rather he is supportive and trys to help amir.

"as always it was rahim khan who rescued me"

rahim khan saw talent within amir, and accepted his gift as a writer, while baba just critisezed. rahim khan wrote to amir in his letter "i enjoyed your story very much. mashallah, god has granted you a special talent." rahim kahn understand what amir wants from baba , he is himself very much like what amir is looking for in baba, and he also sees where baba is going wrong with amir.

"Children aren't coloring books. You don't get to fill them with your favorite colors."

rahim khan reaches out to young amir to redeem himself, he tries to save amir from a life of guilt "you know, you can tell me anything you want, amir jan. anytime." but young amir rejects his redemption, to afraid of "what would he think of me".

once amir is older and is seeking redemption,it comes again from rahim khan, who like so many years before had sought out and givin amir what he so desperatly was seeking. "There is a way to be good again" and like rahim khan had said about the taliban
"hope is a strange thing. peace at last. but at what price"

rahim khan had always been a guide to amir. he taugh amir about the world, and he was to amir "one of the most instinctive people id ever met". rahim khan was very wise, and his knowledge had been heavily tainted with afghan ideaology " in the end the world always wins. thats just the way of things" "we give into loss, to suffering, accept it as a fact of life, even see it as nessisary. zendagi migzara, we say. life goes on"

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