Order Proccessing and Overall Logistics Operations

Order Proccessing and Overall Logistics Operations

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Order processing as a part of customer order cycle is an important issue that every company must consider in order to achieve successful delivering of purchased goods and services. Having in mind that customers often include the speed of response as a one of the measures for provided quality, companies must establish efficient and effective order processing system which will manage individual orders accurately and with minimum time sequences. During the detailed researching work of the order processing and overall logistics operations of the DELL Computers, is briefly describe order processing elements and gave more attention on technological issues, that is the best representative of the computer industry processing orders online, at certain phases occurs the need to have a look of a wider perspective embracing some aspects of the strategies that takes DELL Computers. The goal of this research paper is giving an outline for the detailed researches investigating the online order processing and overall logistics operations with the help of general pictures of DELL Computers.

Keywords: From Value Chain to Value Web, Direct customer relationships, Built-To-Order Production, Business process improvement, Product design and process reengineering

1. General aspects

In 2001, Dell Computer became the world’s largest personal computer vendor, continuing to gain market share and post profits in an industry struggling with slumping sales and billions of dollars in losses. Dell sells 90% of its PCs directly to the final customer, largely bypassing the reseller channel that accounts for most of the world’s PC sales. This direct customer relationship is the key to Dell’s business model, and provides distinct advantages over the indirect sales model. Dell’s direct relationship with the customer allows it to tailor its offerings to customer needs, offer add-on products and services, and use the Internet to offer a variety of customer services. In addition,...

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