ORG 581 Final Exam (Latest) - Assignment

ORG 581 Final Exam (Latest) - Assignment

1. Which of the following structures is most appropriate for an organization that operates in a dynamic environment?
• Differentiated
• Systematic
• Mechanistic
• Organic

2. A large video company observes that smaller companies are having success with pay-per-view movies and decides to enter the pay-per-view market. This video company is pursuing which of the following strategies?
• R-strategy
• Specialist strategy
• K-strategy
• R-specialist strategy

3. Building alliances with important customers is a valuable tactic because:
• external linkages can provide power
• stakeholders share goals
• control of information provides power
• common ties are a source of power

4. Stakeholders will generally participate in an organization if
• contributions exceed inducements
• inducements exceed kickbacks
• payments exceed contributions
• inducements exceed contributions

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5. At the B.A.R and Grille Restaurant, Bob and Amanda took turns cooking and waiting on tables. This type of organization is
• complex
• specialized
• simple
• coordinated

6. A large retail store has a high level of organizational inertia. Managers and employees are highly resistant to change. Which of the following is most likely to encourage organizational learning and improve the quality of decision making?
• Experimenting with new ideas
• Replacing the top-management team
• Adopting a mechanistic structure
• Listening to dissenters
7. If a company needs a high level of coordination among group members
• top management should be organized in a circle configuration
• it is better for top-management membership to continuously change
• top management should be organized in a wheel configuration
• it is better for top-management team members to have similar backgrounds

8. ________ is the study of how organizations function and how they affect and are affected by the environment in which they operate.

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