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Diversity is "the condition of being composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities especially: the inclusion of diverse people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization". (Merriam-Webster online dictionary) The diversity of any organization can affect the way people operate within a business. As diversity becomes more prominent in the workplace the impact on individual behaviors is also affected. A truly diverse workforce will bring about richness to the organization. The various types of characteristics associated with diversity may include gender, age, ethnicity, personality traits, differences in skills and abilities, and value and attitude differences.

Gender is one factor in the consideration of a diverse workforce. The differences between men and women in the workplace that could affect job performance are minimal. However, female workers are often under compensated when compared to a male worker doing the same job.

Age is another demographic characteristic which is a concern for human resource managers. The employees of today have changed a great deal from the past. Nowadays older generations of the workforce are working hand in hand with the younger generations of the workforce. By having different age groups in a workplace some potential issues can arise such as communication and maturity. Maturity varies between generations.

Every organization has different groups of people working for it especially if the organization is a large company that provides services around the world. Ethnicity can be divided into different groups with different cultural background. For example, there are people from the South America, Central America and North America. Every part of America has their beliefs and values when it comes to their background and their race.

When referring to demographic characteristics one of the most significant issues is a person's personality traits. How a "person reacts and...

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