organanizational behavior

organanizational behavior

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Organisational Behaviour and Important of Organsational proposal on Determining the Behaviour

Presented By;
Mayur Pindoria
(Student, INtel College)

Presented To:
Mr. Daniel Mugo
(Lecture, INtel College)

An Assignment Presented to INtel College in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of a Certificate in Higher National Diploma in Business.

INtel College
November 2014
Statement of Originality and Student Declaration
I hereby, declare that I know what plagiarism entails, namely to use another’s work and to present It as my own without attributing the sources in the correct way. I further understand what it means to copy another’s work.

1. I know that plagiarism is a punishable offence because it constitutes theft.
2. I understand the plagiarism and copying policy of the Edexcel UK.
3. I know what the consequences will be if I plagiaries or copy another’s work in any of the assignments of this program.
4. I declare therefore that all work presented by me for every aspects of my program, will be
my own, and where I have made use of another’s work, I will attribute the source in the
correct way.
5. I acknowledge that the attachment of this document signed or not, constitutes a binding
agreement between myself and Edexcel UK.
6. I understand that my assignment will not be considered as submitted if this document is not attached to the assignment.

Student’s Signature: …………………………… Date………

I am grateful to many people including the lecturer who assisted and supported me during the writing of this assignment. I would like to thank the source of the secondary information that assisted me to finish this work. This research would not be possible without Mr. Daniel; he fully explained and gave me a break down of my research.
This document talks about the various types of organizations and the structures and cultures associated with it and...

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