Organisational Behaviour Case

Organisational Behaviour Case

Submitted to: Prof. S.S. Ahmad
Children’s Hospital and Clinics(A)
Case Process

Section C - Group 2

Group Members:
1)Mohit Gupta–2010121
2)Namita Chaudhry-2010127

3)Garvit Bhardwaj-2010275
4)Syed Shakeeb-2010278
5)Apoorva Agarwal-2010280


While attending a ten year old patient, a grave mistake was committed by a newly hired nurse, Patrick O’Reilly. She was seeking help from an experienced nurse, Molly Chen. Since they did not notice the label at the back of the electronic infusion pump which was used for providing a dose of morphine, the patient was injected with an overdose. This process case deals with the identification of the problem in the system and seeks for its solutions.

1. To ensure patient safety with the motto “do no harm” being explicitly followed.
2. Develop culture of high reliability and safety.
3. Build infrastructure to support learning from errors at both work process and management system levels.
4. Implement medication zero defect plan.

• Difficulty in preaching the topic of safety:-there was a notion among the employees that talking about safety would rather put them in trouble.
• Problem of disclosure to the relatives of the victim.
• Problem of implementation of the strategic plan:-safe stood for safety, access, financial and experience. There was an implementation problem of ‘e’ i.e. experience. This is evident from the case as there was no experienced employee to supervise O’Reilly throughout the task of injecting drug to the patient. Moreover, they had coined the plan in order to enhance the patient’s...

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