Organisational Direction and Strategic Presentation

Organisational Direction and Strategic Presentation

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The Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust is teaching hospital for the University of London. Lewisham hospital is one of the few hospitals in the UK that is situated on the high street, helping it maintain close links with the community. Lewisham hospital gained university teaching status in 1997 and now has had a significant role in education and research for over a decade. University Hospital Lewisham is a major campus for medical and nursing students, and students enjoy the benefits of learning at a highly rated medical institution. It is also the major employer in South East London, employing over 2,700 members of staff, a majority of which live in the borough.

The clinical services provided by the Trust are split into three divisions:

• Division of Medicine and Long Term Conditions
• Division of Surgery, Theatres and Anaesthetics
• Division of A&E, Women’s and Children’s Services and Pathology


As with all NHS trusts throughout the United Kingdom, the Trust has to meet certain targets set by the Department of Health to assess the level of service being provided by the hospital. These targets are monitored mostly by independent bodies such as NHS Litigation Authority, or Healthcare Commission. We are also obligated to participate in all appropriate national audits and assist in all high level enquiries i.e. Shipman Enquiry, National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcomes and Death (NCEPOD).

My current role within the Trust is that of Clinical Governance, Effectiveness, Audit & Outcomes Manager which give me overarching responsibility for a multitude of areas within the trust.

Examples of areas that fall into my responsibility are:

• Governance
o Compiling and assessing evidence to provide to the Healthcare Commission and the Trust board for the annual health check, performing GAP analysis against the Standards for Better Health (S4BH) criteria, gathering evidence for Hygiene Code Inspections


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