Organizaional goals

Organizaional goals

Organizational Planning
Barzan Waisi
March, 26, 2013
Diane Deaton
Organizational Planning

1. The company name is:


2. The company’s internal and external stakeholders are:

Internal stakeholders
External stakeholders
Board of Directors

3. The company’s mission and vision are

1-To refresh the world. 2- To inspire moments of optimism and happiness. 3-To create value and make a difference.

Guiding every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

4. Company goals

Company goal that can be accomplished through a strategic plan:

Target worldwide markets
Sustain competitive advantage
Creativity and innovations
Increasing sales constantly

Company goal that can be accomplished through an operational plan:

Customer retention schemes such as lucky draw, meeting your favorite celebrity, etc.
Efficient logistics

5. SWOT analysis chart:

Coca-Cola is the world’s valuable brand and has a strong brand loyalty
Coke has taken less aggressive market standing in today’s changing economic surroundings
Wide variety of Coca-Cola products is sold in the restaurants, stores and vending machines in over 200 countries
The company is facing high burden of external debts for the last few years.
Enormous number of loyal customers and band equity all over the world.
Product offering is restricted to beverages
The company can offer the hygienic products due to increasing number of health conscious consumers.
Coca-Cola is facing various regulations in respective countries around the globe.
Diversify into complementary food products which ultimately increase the drink consumption.
There is low growth rate in the carbonated drinks market in North America which is the main market of Coca-Cola....

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