Organizaiotional Behavior

Organizaiotional Behavior

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Most employers have standards, guidelines such as job description, policies and procedures established in handbooks that do not allow employees much room to vary their behaviors. If an organization consisted of all individual employees varying their behaviors to accommodate their varying attitudes, the workplace would lose organization and function. For example, if employees become dissatisfied with their job and choose to not arrive to work on a daily basis they will end of losing their job.

The employer will apply situational pressure to the individuals that chose to vary behavior in the form of punishing the employee which may include termination of employment. Imagine every individual in an organization choosing to vary their behavior in the same manner. Production would slow, more work lost production would fall upon other employees, and processes would languish. These events would lead to more employees becoming dissatisfied. This type of environment sounds very chaotic; you would never know what to expect.
Conversely, a good employee with a positive mood shows up to work every day, performs at or above expectations and appears to be satisfied with their job. Unfortunately, the employee has been experiencing workplace incivility by the supervisor and co-workers. The co-workers constantly meddle in the good employee’s job function. They question the co-worker about the details of their performance in their job. The supervisor is aware of this, but ignores it. The immediate supervisor also constantly berates, questions and yells at the employee even when the employee has conformed to all levels of the job description. The supervisor thinks it is a good way to get more work out of this person.

The situational pressures applied to this employee will affect job satisfaction and performance. Due to these pressures, the employee begins to dread coming to work. The employee had been performing above expectations, but begins to perform at a...

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