Organization and Performance of Health Systems

Organization and Performance of Health Systems

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The health and well-being of people depend critically on the health system that serves them. A well functioning and efficient health and disability system determines the health status and participation rates of a community. Many countries may have similar levels of expenditure however the overall performance can vary greatly also there may be serious imbalances in many countries in terms of human and physical resources, technology and pharmaceuticals. To assess a health systems performance we need to understand what a good health system is in a particular context.
This report will examine the organization and performance of four industrialized countries Germany, Hungary, New Zealand and United States of America. The report will use the framework for assessing health performance developed by Dr C.J.L. Murray and J Frenk whilst at the World Health Organisation. The framework was used as the basis of the 2000 World Health Report. I have chosen this framework as it to takes a holistic view in examining the overall performance in achieving three fundamental goals.
• Improving health. This means the increase in average health and a reduction in the inequalities of health.
• Enhancing responsiveness to the expectation of the population. This includes a) respect for persons, (including dignity, confidentiality, freedom of choice) b) Client Orientation, (including prompt attention, access to social support networks during care, quality of basic amenities and choice of provider)
• Assuring fairness of financial contribution. This goal seeks to assure that everyone is protected from financial risk due to health care.
Murray and Frenk recognized that the framework is developing concepts and are a “blueprint for further refinement and development work that WHO will pursue over the coming years.”[i]
Organisation of Health Systems by Country

Germany – Health System Organisational and...

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