Organizational Analysis

Organizational Analysis

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NIE Report

Management, Organizations and Society 1, 2007-8

The marking of the essays is now complete. Tutors will have placed comments on the front sheet of your assignment and you may also find comments in the body of your text. You should endeavour to learn from these. All marking has followed the agreed procedure and as a further check, an External Examiner from another university will look at a sample of the essays and our marks in order to check on the standards and quality of our marking.

In retrospect, you may now be realizing that with half weight modules such as this it is very important to involve yourself in the learning process from the start of the course, participating in seminars, attending lectures and following the reading. There are no second chances to improve your marks when you recognize that you could have done better with more effort.

I will however give you some general feedback on the essays and the marking range in order to help you prepare for your future work. As a first point, there was a wide spread of marks with a small number of fails (below 40%) up to a handful of marks of 80% and in the 70%s so there was clearly a range of abilities, work efforts and understandings reflected in the broad range of marks.

In relation to your essay, one obvious point to remember is that you should have attended the lectures and seminars and participated in the reading. If you look at your essay and see no reference to key concepts used in class you must assume that there is something wrong. You have either not understood the question or not understood what is required of you. Your essay should reflect the learning experience on the module and if it does not it will inevitably fail.

A more difficult point for people to understand sometimes is that in OB courses we are not trying to teach you what makes a ‘good manager’. One of the purposes of coming to a place like Warwick is that you will find there are many ways of thinking about...

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