Organizational Behavior - Movie Ants

Organizational Behavior - Movie Ants

Name: Dimple Patel

Teacher: Megan Griffin

Class: Organizational Behavior

Date: 4/3/2013

Movie Ants

In this movie "Antz" the ants shows very much qualities which are same, and some the similar as humans. The first quality that is very same to humans is that the ants all try to work hard for themselves to the top of the ant colony; this is one of the best quality that the character Z has the best then the others. Second quality that the ants have to stay by which is they live, and follow rules by one controller. The ant also states many similar human traits. They also show similar expressions and emotions that we humans show. The ants in the movie also posses the same actions, and there is great similarity to their reactions with each other, as us humans have.
The type of comparison is very easy than we realize. Begin by explaining the terms: "market economy"; "demand economy" and all the different parts of government that are (totalitarian, democratic, monarchy, etc.) Is there any leader? Is there any queen prince, or princess or king? Do the worker ants have a vote as they would in a democracy or are they simply told what to do? As I talk about the movie, the parts of government changes because of the Woody Allen ant (character) identify from what to what.

An "economic system" is type of exchange. We humans use the easy ways to get money to buy what we need in our daily lives for ourselves. How did the ants survived in the movie get what they need or want? That's your economic system. Is it barter? Is it "supply side" or "Reaganomics", where all the very powerful strong and richest get the good things and they then let a few crumbs be distributed to the masses? Is it slave labor where the worker ants are given enough food to be kept alive long enough to work some more.

One more thing can be added is called Marxism. Marxism is a system wherein a social being is defined by his economic status. This status...

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