Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

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1) What is emotional intelligence (EI)? How is EI different that IQ (Intelligence quotient)? In what ways is emotion important to an organization? How can an individual improve his emotional intelligence?

EI refers to a set of abilities to perceive and express emotion, assimilate emotion in thought, understand and reason with emotion, and regulate emotion in oneself and others. EI Emotional intelligence consists of four attributes (Self-awareness; Self-management; Social awareness; Relationship management) representing the recognition of emotions in ourselves and in others, as well as the regulation of emotions in ourselves and in others.

A high EQ means someone is self-confident, self-aware, and able to handle difficult emotional experiences. It is often tied directly to the degree of success a person may have in the workplace and in personal relationships. People with high EQ can often better recognize and control their own emotions, and recognize emotional states in others to adjust their behavior accordingly.

A person's IQ, on the other hand, measures concepts like logical reasoning, word comprehension, and math skills rather than creative potential or emotional abilities. People with a high IQ may be able to learn certain subjects very quickly and make connections between ideas that others miss. They often have great academic success, although they may struggle to find classes that challenge them. The ability to acquire knowledge does not necessarily mean people can recognize and manage their own emotional states, however.

Research indicates that people with high EI are better at interpersonal relations, perform better in jobs requiring emotional labor, are superior leaders, make better decisions involving social exchanges, are more successful in many aspects of job interviews, and are better at organizational learning activities. Emotional intelligence is particularly important for managers because their work requires management of their own...

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