Organizational Culture and Changes

Organizational Culture and Changes

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In a rapidly growing environment where technology plays an important role in peoples’ everyday lives, people seem to be able to adjust unconsciously to the new technological progress. The technological improvements as computers, mobile phones and the World Wide Web has been accepted and have changed peoples’ lives tremendously. The changes were honoured because it gave everybody a personal benefit in different ways. Already new developments are in awaiting to be used.

How does it come that those changes are accepted and why are changes in behaviour and procedures encounter resistance in many ways especially in organisational environment?

Imagine on one of the other day a manager of a company would announce to his subordinates that they have to change the organisational structure. The majority of the employees would get scared, because it could mean that something negative could happen, maybe losing their job, maybe changing their way of doing things. The anxiety for the unknown situation makes individual resisting in change.
This paper investigates human behaviour towards organisational changes. It starts with a description what organisational culture means and demonstrates on an industrial example how a business can build up a strong culture.
Then, it focuses on people’s behaviour in resisting of change and finally the paper shows how an existing culture can be changed.

Organisational culture
An organisation has to be seen as an association of individuals who develop their own structure and culture of construction.
Organisation culture is more than structures, rules and procedure of each organisation. It is rather a shared system of beliefs, values and meanings. The key of understanding each organisational culture is to follow what the organisational members are doing, why they are doing it, how things should be done, what actions get rewarded and what actions get punished. Culture is more its spirit or soul of an organisation....

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