Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness

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Organizational behavior, diversity and being a negotiator are some of the key elements that I will discuss in my paper on group behavior and organizational effectiveness. I have chosen to discuss these three topics because I feel that I have learned the most about them during this course. Of the many items that we have learned about in class, I believe that if I only bring these three items into my workplace then our organizational effectiveness would still be greatly increased.

Organizational effectiveness can be defined by how effective an organization is in achieving the outcomes the organization intends to produce. This is the way in which employees or teams conduct themselves within the organization. Some organizations may set the tone with their mission, vision, and value statements. Organizations depend on workers to function and survive, and workers expect to be happy with their job in order to perform well and accelerate.

Organizational behavior is about people working to pursue careers in today’s new and highly demanding settings, only to seek fulfillment in their lives and jobs in a variety of ways. If you act ethically and treat people in organizations well, you can expect them to treat you well in return. People tend to work hard and enjoy their work when they are valued as employees. A part of understanding organizational behavior is to know that an individual’s motivation and performance can truly affect an organization’s success and or demise.

One example of behavior that I have observed through my experiences, deals with a former associate who was a very poor performer in the work environment. After a brief meeting with management, the associate turned into a hard worker. Management observed the situation, assessed what was happening and the problem was therefore corrected. Managers are responsible for their associates behaviors and actions and from their observations and assessments, they are able to change and correct the...

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