Organizational Variables/Politics & Impact

Organizational Variables/Politics & Impact


Organizational Variables/Politics & Impact Tamasa Mohanty October 25, 2013

Organizational variables & impact:
1. Input/ Update versus Perception: It is good to have an input; however forming perceptions without firsthand experience can lead to multitudinous misinterpretations. Such situations create dishonest relationships, disrupts team environment &eventually impact results. A work place should be completely bereft of perceptions & preconceived notions for, it is a negative variable and pulls down the overall morale and a sense of continuous insecurity builds in. 2. Group Endeavors/ Coalition versus Lobbying: As above, if a task is taken up in good spirits it can make & break statistics; however if an endeavor gets skewed towards lobbying against a plan and organizational goals, then the common goal can’t be achieved with complete passion. Therefore in group dynamics, it is important to study key linkages like, who talks to whom, who share similar values & interests and channelize these observations in the right manner. 3. Objectivity versus Power & Attitude: In most of our work environments, powerful roles influence decisions, either for the benefit or against organizational values. E.g. If a Change is to be introduced, it could be done in a planned way instead of imposing one. It is much advised to understand feelings, behavior & reciprocation before incorporating a change and there should designated, matured and powerful people to drive this. Many powerful people act defensively, but should be objective enough to explain a change.

Kumar’s political skills, and how could he have better managed the situation
“Nearly all people can stand adversity, but if you want to test a person’s character, give them power.”–Abraham Lincoln ‘Influence & Motivation’: Kumar is someone who can change approaches and make hay while the sun shines! While studying him, nowhere did it indicate that he was willing to give away or share his knowledge with his peers or...

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