Organizing Function of Management 1

Organizing Function of Management 1

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Organizing Paper
Shawnda M Green
University of Phoenix

Organizing Function of Management
Your organizing function of management is the function that manages human, physical, financial, informational, and other resources. Organizing activities include attracting and keeping talented employees, setting expectations for roles and responsibilities, grouping jobs and allocating resources, and creating a work environment that encourages teamwork and optimizes results. According to Bateman and Snell, the organizing function is where a dynamic organization is built (Bateman & Snell, 2009).
Organizing typically involves creating organizational charts that show the various functions of the organization, reporting relationships for each new member of the hierarchy, working with the human resource department. Managers use a number of methods to manage resources met that it is clued tools such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Visio, and financial tools. One of the most important aspects of the organizing function of management is managing human resources. Managers need to look at the strategic plan for the company and determine the resources necessary to meet those objectives. However the right people in the right jobs critical; as is recruiting the right people and keeping them. Organizations that are able to attract and retain talented employees are usually very successful. They have found a way to leverage their employees and optimize performance.

McDonald’s Organizing Function- Human Resources
McDonald’s has done an excellent job of recruiting and retaining talented employees and leadership. McDonald’s rarely has turnover with their board members or senior executives .McDonald’s has even gone as far as creating programs that specifically focus on attracting and retaining employees. For example McDonald’s has management division called global inclusion and intercultural management. McDonald’s goals have people within our organization...

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