Organs Save Lives

Organs Save Lives

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Organs save lives

Suppose, you have a sister. She has a heart disease and urgently needs a new heart, but there are not any organs available. A few days later the disease has run its course. Having an incident as this one happen one time is bad enough. However, twelve people die every day in Europe due to a lack of organ donors. If we want to prevent the deaths of these people, we should do something to change this. This essay will focus on the current situation, its problems and show that introducing a new donor card is the only solution to solving this problem.

If people want to be a donor, they have to fill in the donor card. This means that if you die, your organs will be available for people who need a transplantation. When you have filled in the card, you send it to an organisation who registers your choice. You can fill it in when turning eighteen.

The system of the donor card has some major problems. Some people who want to be a donor, forget to fill in the donor card. When they die, they cannot be a donor.

If we change the system to only letting people fill in the card who do not want to be a donor, we can save many lives. Then all the people who have not filled it in, automatically become donors. This system should only count for people above twenty years old. Then you have two years to think about you decision and perhaps fill in the card. If they die between the age of eighteen and twenty, their parents will have the ability to make the decision.

However, the new system also creates some problems. You have to let people know that the system has changed. You can do this through advertising, but it costs a lot of money. The government will have to choose between money and saving lives.

Changing the system will definitely save many lives. Many people forget to fill in their donor card which leads to many deaths. This is why introducing a new donor card is the only solution to solving this problem.

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