Task 1

An organisation is a group of people who work together towards a common goal in the business world. They work together in an professional way while also making sure that all tasks required of them are completed up to standard and making sure that they are successful.

The two organisations that I have chosen for this unit are: NuWare and KFC, they are both in the private sector.


NuWare is an organisation based in Anytown. Their main business is developing and selling software products.

This is the organisation chart for NuWare.
Its structure is a hierarchical structure as they have David the managing director and each department has a manager and each manager has subordinates in their department. This makes Nu-Ware a very successful business as the management is not all handled by the MD and the management is split and everyone of the department workers can get advice from their managers.

Nu-Ware’s culture is hard working but also very friendly. It is not a dictatorship business as the managing director listens to his employees and takes advice on certain things. Each department has a manager that takes orders from Dave and each manager has responsibility of everyone else in that department.

Roles of key personnel

Managing director – The managing director is the person who is at the top of the hierarchy in an organisation. He is the person with the most “power” in the company and they can fire or recruit anyone without having to consult anyone.

HR Manager – This person deal with the employment issues such as recruiting or dismissal. They also deal with training and they deal with any problems that an employee might have with either the work or the other employees.

Senior Managers – These people manage their subordinates in their department and make sure that all projects are ready for the deadline and also make sure that they work together and try to sort out any problems that arise in the...