Origins and Evolution of Abnormal Psychology

Origins and Evolution of Abnormal Psychology

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Introduction to Psychopathology
Psychology 515 Advanced Abnormal Psychology

Introduction to Psychopathology

Abnormal behavior has been prevalent from the beginning of time. Researchers have been studying abnormal behavior and attempting to find cures for abnormal behavior since the beginning of time as well. From the Stone Age to the present, research and methods of helping individuals afflicted with mental illness have progressed. In this paper, I will discuss the origins of Abnormal Psychology, give a brief overview of how Abnormal Psychology evolved into a scientific discipline, and finally assess the theoretical viewpoints and interpretations of biological, psychosocial, and sociocultural models.

Origins and Evolution of Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology has progressed over the span of many years. The earliest account of abnormal behavior and the developments of abnormal psychology were in the Stone Age. During this time, many believed that individuals who exhibited abnormal behavior were filled with evil spirits. The only known cure for this at the time was to drill holes in his or her head to release the evil spirits. Researchers have found skulls believed to be from this time with holes drilled into the sides of the skulls as proof this practice did exist.

During the Greek and Roman era, Hippocrates, Plato, and Aristotle all believed that mental disorders were the result of a physical problem with the individual. These men were the driving force behind the study of mental illness and the evolution into the practice of psychology. Instead of simply drilling holes into the heads of individuals afflicted with a mental disorder, they began to look at the person. Unfortunately, psychology still had a long way to go.

Through the Middle Ages, hospitals began to emerge. This was the first time hospitals began to be used for individuals with mental illnesses. It was believed during that...

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