Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus and Eurydice



A Shepard staff grows out from the ground by magic. Eurydice
happy with her work hands the staff over to Aristeaus.
Aristeaus takes the staff then goes to touch Eurydice's face
but Eurydice gently moves his hand away. The shrub-dog pulls
on Eurydice's dress. Eurydice fallows her dog and some magic
orbs off screen leaving a dejected Aristeaus.

Cut to Caption: An Ancient Story.

Cut to: Orpheus playing his lyre (Lute) in a tree. Magic
orbs leaves and some branches move and bend toward him.

Cut to: Eurydice is pushed along by the magic orbs and her
shrub dog. Eurydice looks up and sees Orpheus in the tree.

Cut to: Eurydice's expression of infatuation.

Cut to: Orpheus's own expression of curiosity

Cut to Caption: A Tail Of Love.

Cut to: Orpheus jumps out of the tree bows than kisses
Eurydice's hand. Eurydice moves his chin so he faces her
then she grabs his other hand and while they are holding
hands they stair lovingly in to each others eyes.

Cut to Caption: Opposed by Jealousy

Cut to: Aristeaus coming from around a bush on to the seen.
He looks forlorn at what he sees. Aristeaus then gets mad
with jealousy. Aristeaus breaks his staff and runs at the
couple armed with half of the broken staff as a club with
murderous intent.

Cut to: Orpheus and Eurydice surprised by the assault.
Orpheus tells Eurydice to run just before Aristeaus tackles

Cut to: Eurydice running

Cut to: A viper raises up and strikes

Cut to: The shocked expression of Eurydice, Orpheus, and

Cut to: Eurydice's hand falls on the grass and the...