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Definition of computer network:
1) Computer network is any set of computers or devices connected to each other with the ability to exchange data.
2) Two or more computers are linked together to make a network.

These networks can be:
Human Networks: Media Network Technology Network:
Business Network Radio Network Electrical Network
Economic Network Television Network Network Model
Social Network Computer Network Telecommunication Network
Value Network
Hotel Network

Types of Network:

• Local Area Network (LAN)
• Personal Area Network (PAN)
• Campus Area Network (CAN)
• Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
• Wide Area Network (WAN)
• Global Area Network (GAN)

All this network got the ability to connect computer system or device with each other to exchange data information.
Local area network is a network that cover a small geographic area, like a home, office, or building.
Campus area network is a network that is connect to two or more LANs but are limited due to geographic area such as college campus or office building.
Wide area network this network covers country to country and is well known as Internet today.

Types of internet connection:

Intranet Extranet Internet
This is a private network that used internet protocol (IP) and network to access shared info of an organisation. This is an private network that can be accessed by customers or suppliers etc.. And this allow you to get info about the company or service. This is a specific network that is use world wide by many people.

Intranet: is used by company such as FedEx and British Airway.
Extranet: is used my company such as Tesco and Argos and many more…
Internet: used by government, academic, public, and private networks based upon the networking technologies of the IPS. This address is known as the World Wide Web (www).
The different between Intranet and...