Othello Essay

Othello Essay

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The three women play a vital role in this. Only one of the women in this play survives. All the women have no separate identity within the play; all three are married or associated with a male character. Bianca is the mistress of Cassio, Emilia is married to Iago and Desdemona is married with Othello.

Men’s hold all the power and women are considered to be of low intellect. Yet it is the women that speak the most sense throughout the play and it is also the women that are able to trust other characters in the play.

Each woman represents a different social level. Desdemona being from the top and Bianca being at the bottom.

Bianca she doesn’t appear in the play as much as the other female characters in the play, her presence is key of Desdemona’s death. Iago often refers to her as a prostitute. She has fallen in love with Cassio, he does not speak about his returned affection for her due to his status and her social standing. She is the jealous in that relationship and she expresses this when Cassio produces Desdemona’s handkerchief. Iago uses Bianca’s name to cause the great perplexity in the play.

As Emilia (Iago’s wife) is ridiculed and chided by her husband, Emilia is perceptive and cynical maybe as a result of her relationship she is the first to suggest that somebody is telling Othello untruths about Desdemona; “The Moor’s abused by some most villainous knave. Some base, notorious knave.” (Act 4 Scene 2, Line 143-5).

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