othello guide

othello guide


1. Othello picked casio as his liuetentant instead of lago
2. Desdemona is aloping with Othello
3. I’m serving under him to take advantage of him.

4-Iago thinks that they're foolish and dumb. He pretends to be loyal to get what he wants.
5- what Iago means by that is that he's not what he pretends be.
6- black ram appears in the scene.
7- Iago doesn't ell Barbantio his name because he's doesn't want othello to know he's talking bad about him.
8- they won't fire him because he's needed in the wars.
9- his advise to all of the other father is to not trust your daughters no matter how trust wrothy.
10- Iago not what he seems/playing both sides-desdomona isn't being obedient.
11- he is referring to brabantio ;the propose of saying this is to stay on othello good side.
12-he comes from loyalty and he has a military rank.
13- his high rank is what is going save othello rom barbantio ; it show arrogance.
14- the are anxious because othello has settle out war plans
15-they are discussing the situation in Cyprus.
16- the Turks are coming to Cyprus.


19-She fell in love with himbeacuse of his war stories and he fell in love with her because of her understanding of all the troubles he has gone threw.
20-she owes her loyalty to her husband.
21-"if you can't change something don't cry about it"; no but he pretends to.
22-No; No she wants to go with othello ; no he wants to go with him
24-She deceived her father she may deceive you too.
25- get money go to Cyprus, get gift for desdemona, she'll eventually get tired of othello, moors will change their mind easily and othello will get tired of desdomona

27-they had a affair.


1.the 3 gentlemen tells them that the war is over.
2. Cassio is worried about othello safety.
3. he's comments that when they...

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